Environmental Data Yearbook 2019

The Environmental Data Yearbook 2019 (17th release) is the most comprehensive official collection of nation-wide data and information concerning the environment.

The accomplishment of this release has been possible thanks to the contribution and cooperation of all the different parts of the National System for the Environmental Protection (SNPA). Research, monitoring, control, and data collection are the core activities of the System (Law No 132, 28 June 2016).

  • Indicators Platform – the online reference tool of the indicator sheets. The Platform allows to publish, manage and organize the contents related to the different editions of the Yearbook as well as to create customized versions (customized report creation), according to the information needs of individual users.
  • Environmental Data Yearbook – the full version presents the indicator sheets populated throughout the 2019, organized by economic sectors, environmental conditions and answers. Digital format (PDF) available.
  • The Yearbook in figures - this statistical leaflet, contains the most representative graphs of the environmental issues addressed in the Environmental Data Yearbook completed with comments, short information and particular relevant data. Paper version and digital format (PDF) available.
  • Italian Environment - Trend and Legislation (EN version) - the document is based on the time-series of the most significant variables in the Yearbook. The aim is to improve the evaluation of the phenomena trends described. Part 1: technical evaluation of environmental issues (integrated analysis of historical series with the targets set by legislation), Part 2: a study on aggregated and composite indicators for monitoring environmental issues. Paper version and digital format (PDF) available.
  • Summarising...the environment – concise info brochure, showing some relevant environmental issues. Paper version and digital format (PDF) available.
  • Infographics (EN version) – the document illustrates environmental issues and represents complex data and ideas in a new, direct and immediate way. Both illustrations and data have been drawn from “Summarising...the environment” and “Environmental Data”. Digital format (PDF) available.
  • Environmental Data - the document presents an accurate selection of Environmental Data Yearbook indicators aimed at the monitoring of the main objectives of the Seventh Environmental Action Programme (7th EAP). The document is structured in 5 sections or chapters according to the first three priority objectives and sub-objectives 4a and 7a listed in the 7th EAP. Each chapter presents an introduction and a selection of the Environmental Data Yearbook indicators, based on the EEA (European Environmental Agency) equivalent indicators used to monitor adequately the achieving of the goals. Digital format (PDF) available.
  • Comic – yearly addresses an environmental theme developed on a single table. In 2019 edition, the theme is “Waste”. The product uses visual signs and graphics to reach a young audience of non-experts. Digital format (PDF) available.
  • Multimedia - it presents the 2019 Edition of the Environmental Data Yearbook and briefly shows some environmental issues which are considered a priority for the reference target.

It should be noted that the SNPA Environment-Report has been published, also this year. The linkage between the two documents lies in the information base, since the Yearbook information base allowed to structure and supply the Report.